Monday, October 11, 2010

A piece of cup cake

I am wondering in the green field, eating chocolate cup cake,
When you suddenly came and sit with me.
I offer you some cup cake but you said
“I can’t she already gave me some”
I am sad because as you told me that
I knew she now owns your heart.
A year past and I return to that green field.
I can see you there
Smiling while looking at me.
As I’m walking towards you
Again I offer you my chocolate cup cake
You said yes and I handed some
I am busy eating my part of the cup cake
When you look on me and tell me
“I miss this chocolate cup cake”
 “I regret when I refuse to have some a year ago”
“This is the best cup cake I ate”
He smiled and then became serious
“I knew you had loved me for so long, thank you for waiting”
“Now I’m offering you my love”
“Will you accept this?”
He asked
I said yes
And the rain poured on us
We lay on the grass until the last drop of rain dropped.
A rainbow comes in the sky
We both know it’s a start of something new.


  1. awww...~_~ this is really sweet you put up chocolates and rain in the same story... i both love them eh...~_~

  2. o0 nga po! cute! don't know what is her inspiration to write this. . .so curious if she really meant this for herself. . .hahahaha! sweet! sino kaya ang mystery guy?? hmmm?? hehe. . .♥ LabLabLab! ♥

  3. nyaks..whahaha..wala nga po eh..
    hindi ako inlove..
    kay Lord lang..
    kayong dalawa nga po ang inlove eh..^_^
    nangungulit lang po^_^
    love you...( pano to dalawa kayo nanay ko??ang pangit pag nanays...hahaha..)
    nanay1 at nanay3!

  4. hehe.. .karkar..sabi ko sayo inspired lang ang nakakagawa ng ganyan...:)sino kaya ang mystery guy?:P love you...

    by the way, kar, and jamie.. i have an award for both of you.. i know you deserve it eh..:)

    come visit my site and claim it..

  5. inspired ba???baka po expired na..
    kanino nga ba ako na inspire????
    kasi po..
    kaya ko po nasulat yan
    ang dami kasi na couple na nakalibot sa akin..
    well parang na a adopt ko minsan yung kilig moments..tawanan moments....hahaaha..
    gumawa naman ng love story na sa isip ko lang....

    hindi para sa akin yan....
    sikretong malupit!
    di rin para sa mystery guy dahil wala naman po talaga.....^_^

    pinag tutulungan niyo ako ah!