Monday, September 12, 2011

My Revenge...

Should I make my Revenge to you my Dear?
How you make my life so miserable
I want to torture you as long as I want
To see you suffer long enough that you will cry blood
To stab you with sphere, to cut your head
To shoot you with a gun
Or hire a man to put you to death
Should I kill your family, or your beloved one?
My revenge, oh what a revenge

But do not be afraid, I will not do so
Because you are given to me so I can give love and not to make you suffer
To understand you and not to make a fool out of you
I will love you with all my heart just as my GOD love me though I had sinned
I also make mistakes so I’m not the right BEING to punish you.
This is my revenge my Friend, to love and understand
The one they call YOU.

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